Classmate - Ethiopian Romantic Comedy Movie


Featuring: Netsanet Workneh, Chernet Fidadu, Gelila Reisom, Biruktawit Shimeles Romantic comedy Ethiopian movie 2020

Can romance return after 30 years?


"We are not enemies. We do not fight over anything. But we live as partners. Can we return to love after thirty years?"


Let me tell you a story. Once I gave a seminar, a couple came with me. The husband said, "We have come to thank you for reviving our marriage. We have been married for thirty years. But we have spent the last twenty years in a loveless marriage."


She continued,"We have not been out together for twenty years. We live in a house. That's all. A year ago I told my friend about my situation. Reading this will help you. He gave me a book of lasting love. I read a lot of books at the time, so I didn't want to read another book. But I accepted it and started reading. I found it cool, so I read it all in one night. As I read each chapter, my wife and I realized that we did not speak the language of love."


I gave the book to my wife so she could read it. Two weeks later she said, I read it. I said, If we had read this book thirty years ago, our marriage would have been different. I feel that way too. I said, What if we try it now? I told her, If we try, we will not come. She told me. 


Two weeks ago, no one said, Your love is back to normal. I didn't believe it. But our love began to return. His wife intervened and said, Twenty years later, for the first time this year, we went somewhere else to have fun. We had a great time and came back. 


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