8 Signs that you know you are in love


8 Signs that you know you are in love

An unemployed man wants to marry a woman who is a banker.

Despite his fears, many people tell him that he should not marry a unemployed banker; However, they were getting married.

She continues to do this every month and he gives 2,000.00 birr to his wife for her personal expenses and then decides what to do with the rest of the money.

They have been in this situation for the last 3 years.

She worked for 3 years without neglecting her primary housework, but her friends advised her to stop and do all the housework.

He was eventually hired by a good company, and his monthly salary was $ 25,000. A few years later he bought a brand new car from a company that made a beautiful car and gave the car key to his owner and he continued to travel by public transport for 3 years.

He then paid for the first car, bought the second better car, took the first car key from her, and gave the new car key to his wife. Then, a few years later, they start living in their own home.

One day the wife accidentally found a few documents. She looked at the carefully preserved file, which caught her attention.

There she looked at all the documents, the purchase of land, and everything else in the house, all with receipts written in her name.

On the last page, however, she saw a photo of his wedding and a note written on it, saying, "My wife is everything to me.

Tears welled up in my eyes. The couple were married in 1997. Last Sunday, they were married for 20 years and were blessed with 3 children. True love still exists today.

Is your love for your spouse comparable to what you just read?
It doesn't matter if you choose to feed each other, no matter who cooks the food, if you are arrogant or who pays for electricity, water, telephone and other bills, we should always know, not all situations are permanent.

I now pray that God will lead you to a better marriage and love life. If you have time, please write "Amen". May the good God be with you all.

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