Interview with actress and model Saron Ayelign


Endalk who was a former journalist on JTV sat down with Saeon to discuss about the music video that created a lot of controversy and see her reaction. 

Saron confidently defended her self by saying she knows exactly what she is doing and she is proud of it. She said most of the comments are negative because many people are annoyed that she became a famous actress with in a very short period of time. But even if others are not happy about her she stressed that she will continue doing what she feels is right. 

In all the honesty she is an amazing performer say it as a model or movie cast or music clip. There are a lot of things that needs attention in Ethiopia but every eyes are on Saron.

She has also revealed the reason for appearing on Kalebs new single music video. She has dedicated the payment she recieved from the music to support a little kid that needed a medical attention. Also Kaleb used a scene which she did not give him permission to use. 

In this interview Myko has also took part. He is the first singer who invited Saron to perform on his song named as Akukulu featuring Asege Dendasho. He was also got critisized for the music.



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